• ESENO Industrial Clear Wide Visor ( Replacement Visor x 2 )

  • Conforms to EN166:2002

Build Instructions



Main specifications:

1. head material                       Special PP plastic     

2. visor                               8"X15.5"X1" PC  

3. Weight                              276g


This visor is certified to meet EN166:2002-04


The corresponding signs can be found inside of the visor, and the meanings are as followings:

Marking: Marking on the Frame: JKT 166 F (explanation: JKT=manufacturers identification, 166=testing standard, F=low energy impact), Marking on the ocular: JKT 1 F (explanation: JKT=manufacturers identification, 1=optical class, F=low energy impact).
Declaration of the materials

The material of this visor which is directly in contact with skin, will not do any harm to the skin. But to those who are easily allergic, there might be allergic reactions, if this is the case doctor's advice should be sought


When not in use, This visor should be stored in a bag or case, out of direct sunlight, away from chemicals and abrasive substances, in a clean, dry, dust-free environment. During transportation, use the original packaging if possible.

suitable accessories and spare parts

Use only original parts from supplier. Please contact your local dealer.


if protection against high speed particles at extremes of temperature is required then the selected eye-protector should be marked with the letter T immediately after the impact letter. If the impact letter is not followed by the letter T then the eye protector shall only be used against high speed particles at room temperature
Instructions for use

In use, ensure the visor fits comfortably over the face, the lock is adjustment according the head(By pushing and turning the adjustment screw, the perimeter of the lock can be adjusted). Leave the workplace immediately when feel dizzy or allergic caused the damage of the Safety Face Shield.

Cleaning and disinfection

1. DO NOT USE abrasive materials. Use warm suds and soft cloth to wash and clean.

Lens replacement

visor can be replaced by the same size and make sure the marks inside the visor are the same at first.

Using the soft and clean brush or cloth and make sure the hands clean without grease while fitting the replaced lens.


·This visor protect the eyes ,Avoid liquid,small particles splash into eyes and face. is not intended for welding.

·The visor should be periodically inspected and cleaned, keep it clear. In case break, crack, pitting or more serious influencing vision effect occurs, the plate must be replaced.

·The environment while use should between -5℃-55℃

·This visor scratched or damaged oculars should be replaced

· If the symbol F is not common to both the ocular and the frame then it is the lower level which shall be assigned to the complete eye-protector
·That eye-protectors against high speed particles worn over standard opthalmic spectacles may transmit impacts, thus creating a hazard to the wearer

The CE certificate is issued by advanced technology service corporation. The address of the notified body is the following:

DIN CERTCO Gesellschaft fuer Konformitaetsbewertung mbH
Alboinstrasse 56
12103 Berlin
Notified body number 0196

Company information;

…ESENO Ltd, Unit 4, EX39 3HN

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ESENO Industrial Clear Wide Visor ( Replacement Visor x 2 )

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